Thursday, June 18, 2009

ghost story

In old village tales, people keep toyols for selfish but petty gains. They use such spirits for theft, sabotage and other minor crimes. Serious crimes, like murder, are usually beyond the capability of these toyols. A person who suddenly becomes wealthy without explanation might be suspected of keeping a toyol. The toyol is kept in a jar or an urn, and hidden away in a dark place until needed.
What happens at the end of the "contract" is not very clear. It could be that the tablet, along with the urn, is buried in a graveyard (with the relevant rituals), and the spirit is then laid to rest. An alternative method is to dispose them in the sea. Or else, a toyol gets passed down in a family through the generations. This seems to suggest that once you obtain a toyol, not only are you stuck with it for the rest of your life, but all your descendants will also be condemned to own it.It just view other people..

This my story at home

since 2003, my family are very happy at house.

one day, i was sleeping in my house. My mother do the work in the kithcen.. Suddenly, i hear something at outside my house. i feel so afraid. i need to be brave my self.

when i go out...this nothing outside. but my feel have something outside in my house..

i want to know where the sound come from. i feel so afraid..suddenly my mother come to me and said,what are you doing at outside?

i think i hear my father voice, beceuse my father not yet in the house, but when i saw the outside i can't anything.

when i think..think..think and thinking maybe just my illusion.

my mother and i go to sleep, but when i close my eye's,one more time i hear voice at the outside my house.i go to the outside and suddenly saw the small people like body is weak..and than i dizzy..

after the last night, i don't want go to outside home family do the something in the house..Now i must be careful about the unexpected...That all about my story...WASSALAM